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what is causing battery to discharge 5% while plugged in?

Level 7
The battery constantly cycles between 95%-100% while plugged, under light to no load.

It actually loses 5% pretty fast while remaining plugged in. I would estimate it takes a day to lose 5% while plugged in.
That's a fast discharge.

What is consuming the battery juice?
There shouldn't be anything using the battery while the laptop is plugged in.

Also, a disconnected battery doesn't lose 5% battery juice in 24 hours, or else you would have a dead laptop if you didn't use it for 20 days.

Level 8
Sounds normal to me. The system will allow a little discharge before charging it back up. normal cycle for batteries.. (your phone would do the samething if plugged in overnight just maybe not display the difference in %).

Keeping a battery at 100% is probably the worst thing for it, Im sure it has some internal circuitry that allows a slight discharge to help inscrease its lifespan.

have you tried this software to help increase its overall life even further?

Level 14
Battery isn't new anymore and isn't actually reaching full charge, cell chemistry degrades/erodes over time and use.

The embedded regulator may report "100% (4.1V)" while in reality some weak cells aren't capable of exceeding 95% (~3.9V), at least not when heated a bit above room temp.
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Level 7
nevermind, I just read on battery university website that lithium batteries normally discharge 5% in 24 hours, and then slowly discharge after that.