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What Docking Station or Hub is compatible with my ASUS ROG G513 PD100W usb-c port?

Level 7

Hello everyone,

I have an Asus Rog Strix G513 laptop that uses a 200W(20V*10A) charger and it's compatible with PD100W charging technology. Right now I'm using 2 aditional 4K@60Hz monitors with an Asus Keyboard (2USB-A), Asus Mouse (1USB-A), Ethernet RJ45 1000MHz and other external devices.

The laptop ports really became a headache for me, i need to disconnect and connect things everytime because it lacks ports for displays, RJ45 and more USB to adapt to all my devices. That makes me decide to look for a docking sstationor hub, with at least 5 USB and 2x4K@60Hz display ports and Gigabit RJ ethernet cable.

I found some good Dock Hubs in Aliexpress of UGREEN, BASEUS and MOKIN brands that have really good feedback, but the problem is that they have PD3.0 technology and their power supply input receives PD100W perfectly, but gives maximum PD85W as output to the laptop. That means they work fine with Mac or MSI (PD85W), Lenovo or Asus Zenbook (PD65W), but not with Asus ROG G513 (PD100W), due the insuficient power that forces you inefficiently to return to also use the 200W charger, or the PD100W charger at the same time docking station or hub, and that's not the purpose I'm looking for. I only want 1 cable to my laptop that do all the job and makes my life easy.

So, can you help me to know if there is a docking station or hub with PD100W as power output, with minimum 5USB ports and 2x4K@60Hz display ports, that is fully compatible with ASUS ROG G513 PD100W usb-c port? 

Thanks a lot