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What could be causing these freezes? Asus ROG Strix 2023 (g634jz nm032w). 6 month old

Level 8


After just a short while playing this very annoying behaviour appears.
It still reports about 50-70 fps, render latency about 10-20ms, CPU utilization 20& and GPU about 80%

I have 2 installed OS, both behaving the same. 1 with ASUS armor create, the other one without.
Latest drivers.

Also performed benchmark in the same game as above. Twice. Behaviour is consistent in other games as well.

Computer is about 8 month old


Level 8

Forgot to mention (couldn't find edit). As the stuttering are shown, there is a very distinct accompanying coil whine noise.

Did you try others games to see did this problem appear in them

Yes. I have tried three other games, Baldurs Gate 3, Counter-strike 2 (with frame limit to like 120 fps) and another steam game. I have since also used condensed air and got rid of surprisingly much dust. It seem to run a little better. Or at least it took a bit longer for the stuttering to occur.

I am going to try and see if I can do some benchmarking with some framerate/temperature stats. Any good software for this? To get consistent results?
I have armory create and set GPU Mode to Optimized (it was standard before).

You can try to reinstall the Nvidia drivers also check nvidia control panel and abjust settings for vest performance 

Also you can remove Vsync and Gsync

You can try to make a custom performance profile in Armory Crate instead Performance or Turbo mode 

Another thing is to download MSI afterburner and apply this performance graph to the game and that will help to find where can be the problem whit the stutters


Thanks for the info. Lots of options in nvida control panel but I will dabble with Armory Crate. I have downloaded MSI afterburnen, any special metrics I should like consider/adapt for? I guess it is most likely the GPU temperature that is getting too high? 

Check on the picture that i upload 

There have a GPU- temperature ,speed, usage, watt usage ,memory usage,memory speed

On CPU- temperature,speed,usage,watt usage,

Also FPS and franetime graph 

And core's speed 

That can show what happen whit your laptop and maybe can find a solution 

You need to make a video 1-2 minutes and catch the problem 

So I recorded a few minutes session. After burner "Optimized" and "Performance" mode, to have a good baseline.

Not as much studdering as previously but still microstutters, enough to affect gameplay. Anything that stands out?
11:24 to 11:27

Also ran a MSI benchmark result (previous run a few minutes earlier but still same result)
16-03-2024, 11:18:13 ShadowOfWar.exe benchmark completed, 14227 frames rendered in 153.078 s
Average framerate : 92.9 FPS
Minimum framerate : 38.1 FPS
Maximum framerate : 160.9 FPS
1% low framerate : 10.1 FPS
0.1% low framerate : 8.9 FPS

Level 8

I made a second attempt, added like all the metrics I could find relevant:

I am looking at the CPU and sometimes it reports temperatures over 90, that seems way too high doesn't it. All this time I have been focusing on the GPU throttling but maybe it is the CPU due to high temperature?

Level 8

Found something else that was  really odd. I basically get WORSE (yes worse) performance if I plugin the power adapter. I accidently had it unplugged when I did one of my test runs and thought, hey temperature is really low. Then I plugged it in and the fans ramp up quickly but so does the temperature. I have the fps limit set in the game to 120, which is hit with the adapter but about 100fps without. See screenshots:
With power:


Without power: