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What are your CPU and GPU temps while gaming on ASUS GL503 VM with GTX 1060

Level 7
Hi guys i am worried about my laptop temps. My laptop is completely new but it runs hot while playing games. I am getting around 80- 89 degrees Celsius on CPU and around 80 to 84 Celsius on GPU. Is it normal?

Level 8
i had an asus g752vs OC version. and on assassin's creed origins on hight details i got 90 degrees but the gpu never passed 80 degrees, the gpu is a problem careful with those temperatures . the cpu it's not normal to reach 90 put still sometimes can reach 90 degrees that is not a big problem, but the gpu yes it's a problem , normally had to stay on 70 but with a big game requirements and very hight details it may reach 80 , but never have to pass 80 . try to lower a little the details and try it again, if still goes over 80 degrees , speak with the seller. if will not get over 80 degrees then you simply ask to much for what you have. 🙂 and try to lower details.

Level 7
Most laptops have inadequate cooling. Having them raised from hard surfaces or after market laptop cooling pads will help thermal throttle; improve performance

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Level 7
i have asus gl502vmk ( intel 7700HQ+GTX1060 6Gb) when i play PUBG , battlfield 1 ,titanfall 2 ,RainBow six siege etc game like that i have 90-95 c in CPU and gpu never pass 80 c .
and my cpu clock speed never droped 3.4-3.5 in 90+c .its hot but its normal for kabylake processor .