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Weird Issues with ROG GL502VM (Mind of it's own)?

Level 7
Hi All:

This is my first post here and I apologize if I'm in the wrong sub-forum. A few days ago my ROG GL502 stopped responding to the internal keyboard so I restarted the system. When it came to the log in screen I could not type my password because the keyboard would not work, so I plugged in an external keyboard and it still would not work. Then the log in screen would keep logging in and failing and it would repeatedly do that on it's own without me touching the keyboard. The laptop wouldn't even respond to the touchpad or an external mouse... It was as if the computer was constantly pressing "enter" or clicking by it's self. The power then went out I could not turn on the computer at all. I then took out the battery and plugged it back in and the power was back... but the same thing kept happening... I even tried to toubleshoot and even reformat the computer, but once I got to that screen to do so I couldn't even control the laptop-- it would just hit the first option... again it was like the computer itself was just hitting "enter" repeatedly or constantly clicking without me doing anything... The laptop eventually lost power again and I gave up.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does what I'm trying to explain even make sense lol? It was literally like the computer was possessed or had a mind of its own and I can't do anything to reformat it. I'm out of the warranty time frame and I don't feel comfortable taking it to a professional for repair. Does anyone have any insight?

Oh, I should probably mention I would sometimes receive the "SMART back up and replace message" which I usually just ignored. I probably should have done something about that... negligence and ignorance on my part.

Any insight is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I forgot to mention that sometimes the keyboard would type on it's own during the password login screen. I could sometimes use backspace to erase, but it would continue to type on its own. Also, the only key that I could really only control was the Caps Lock.