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Weird GL551VW-DS71 laptop behavior

Level 7
Hi Guys, I am using 3-year old Asus Rog GL551VW-DS71. It was working fine, except for battery not working properly anymore years ago, until it showed a behavior of losing power. It was plugged in (with battery still intact, with charging status) but after 2 mins, the monitor blinked (sign of losing power?) and then shutdown. Same behavior everytime I try to turn it on. The weird is, when I remove the battery, there is no any power indicator and does not turn on. I tried my adaptor with another laptop and it works fine (unfortunately no other adaptor I could try in my laptop).

Is my laptop model really not working without the battery? Why does it turn on when plugged in with battery but no power indicator when battery is not inserted? Please help. Thanks!