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Want to preserve your battery's lifespan? Use ASUS Battery Health Charging

Level 7
If you know anything about lithium ion batteries, you know they don't react well to sitting at full/near full charge for periods of time. My GL702 sits on my desk plugged in all day, which causes the battery to stay at 96% perpetually... not good long term if you want the battery to last. Turns out ASUS built a program to remedy this problem, but seems to only include it on the Zenbook lineup. You can download it below though, and it works perfectly on my GL702.

You get the option of a full charge, no greater than 80% charge, and no greater than 60% charge. The 60% setting is the best for longevity - use this if you always leave your laptop plugged in. If you occasionally unplug and go somewhere to use your laptop, it'd be best to sit at 80% and then charge to 100% right before you need to use it.

Information link:
Download link:


Level 7
Test for curiosity, GL502VM - not working, registry hack open menu, but it not work.

Level 7
Confirm run on gl 702vmk , i set to maximum lifespan and the battery wont charge over 60%...
too late actually, my battery already swelling/bulging and push th touchpad up about 2mm...

Confirmed that it is working on ASUS ROG GU501GM. I also installed the ASUS Device Activation Utility and ASUS Keyboard Hotkeys from their global website to get it to truly work. Before I installed those, the laptop was charging past the set amount. Now the app is working even when shut down and plugged in.

If I ever buy a brand new battery, I'd be curious to see how running this program will preserve its capacity over time!