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Want to preserve your battery's lifespan? Use ASUS Battery Health Charging

Level 7
If you know anything about lithium ion batteries, you know they don't react well to sitting at full/near full charge for periods of time. My GL702 sits on my desk plugged in all day, which causes the battery to stay at 96% perpetually... not good long term if you want the battery to last. Turns out ASUS built a program to remedy this problem, but seems to only include it on the Zenbook lineup. You can download it below though, and it works perfectly on my GL702.

You get the option of a full charge, no greater than 80% charge, and no greater than 60% charge. The 60% setting is the best for longevity - use this if you always leave your laptop plugged in. If you occasionally unplug and go somewhere to use your laptop, it'd be best to sit at 80% and then charge to 100% right before you need to use it.

Information link:
Download link:


Level 8
amazing post. I will try this asap.


Level 9
options grayed with gl502vm

Level 9
Grayed out on GL703VD as well.

Well, that's a shame that it doesn't seem to work on all their notebooks. Definitely works on my GL702 though.

Level 11
I've had some issues because of this myself. Thanks for the link. Seems to be working on my GL702VMK. I am guessing that even the 80% mode would be better for your battery than the usual 96-100% all the time.


Level 8
Im trying it right now. Seems to work alright with my GL503VM.

Level 8
unfortunately, not working on GL553VD

mmohamed2 wrote:
unfortunately, not working on GL553VD

I test it, doesn't worked on gl553vd.

Works for me. I set it at 60%, however it will charge 1 to 2% when booting up if I don't log into windows immediately or when windows runs updates. Does this happen to anyone else?