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Very Slow Shutdown/Restart when refresh rate set to 120hz. Strix G18 4080

Level 9

Desktop Screenshot 2023.07.14 -

I have found a bug where when the laptop is set to 120hz refresh rate via windows 11 display settings, the laptop takes 65 seconds to fully shut down. It will show "shutting down" screen for brief moment and will stay litted black screen for 30 seconds and unlitted black screen for another 30 seconds. ( in normal condition, it takes less than 8 seconds to shutdown)

240hz or 60hz does not cause this issue. (I have not tested with dynamic refreshrate).

I have tried fresh installing the windows 11 twice but I could reproduce the same effect.

Bios 314
Nvidia Graphic Driver 536.40 
Windows 11 latest updates

I am sure noone will experience this bug as who would in right mind sets their laptop at 120hz when 240hz is available? 🙂

However, I would like to spread the words out that this bug exist(at least for my unit) and only fix was to change the refreshrate back to 240hz or 60hz. (Ultimate mode and Optimus both had the same issue)