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Using the G75 mini DisplayPort to drive a 2650x1600 monitor

Level 7
I'm posting this because with all of the discussion about thunderbolt/no thunderbolt/ on the G-series laptops, I was never able to confirm that the mini DisplayPort would work fine as intended- as a mini DisplayPort!

In case this helps someone- I can confirm that my G75VW's (purchased in October) display port instantly recognized & connected to a Dell U3011 monitor & drives it at 2560x1600. Works great as a DisplayPort!

For what it's worth I ditched Windows 8 and am running Windows 7 64-bit now- so I don't know if it works as well under Windows 8 (but hope that it would, considering that the laptop originally shipped with Windows 8).

Level 7
2560 that is... 2650 must have been wishful thinking : )

One thing I have run across so far while using the mini DisplayPort: everything goes silent at first, because the display automatically 'grabs' the audio out interface, similar to how an HDMI cable can. You'll want to change your playback device back to 'Speakers' (or whatever you're using) via Control Panel--> Hardware and Sound--> Sound.

Level 11
VGA out can drive same resolutions ...