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USB never stops supplying power ROG Strix G16 (2023) G614JV-N3122W.

Level 9

I have some problems and would like to ask you guys. Asus Team
Please enlighten me, is this possible or not?
I have a modern device called ROG Strix G16 (2023) G614JV-N3122W.
That's what you guys created.

I have a service that you guys promised to repair at my house for free. In case the machine has a problem

But you guys don't have to come to my house.
Just answering the basic questions here is enough.

Well, I want to connect this notebook to an external monitor. using the G-sync function as well
So I chose to use port 6 to connect.
and want to connect SSD external to port 5
I didn't move it anywhere. Therefore want to continue like this all the time.

But my problem is When do I need to turn off the machine?
It looks like the SSD external hasn't had its power cut off yet.
I don't know if something is still working. So I thought it was probably normal and went to bed.

And when you wake up in the morning I accidentally came into contact with an SSD that was connected like that all night.
I feel it's warm.
I feel uncomfortable and thought there must be something wrong
So I experimented by connecting the USB LED.
It lit up immediately. Even though I haven't turned on the notebook yet.

and while the usb LED is lit I pulled the charger cable out of the laptop.
But the usb LED is still bright.

When I pull out the external monitor cable in port 6
It appears that the usb LED is off.

Nowadays, for many months
Every time I turn this off Then you must remove the charging cable. and must disconnect the external monitor cable
Time to use it I had to reconnect these wires again.

I would like to ask you guys who were brilliant in creating this machine.
You've made the shutdown time. Can everything be closed?
No need to have power to supply USB.
There's no need to unplug any cables like this.
Can I get it?
It's that simple. But I can't fix it.