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USB-C to HDMI bit / sample rate issues - ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533 G533QR-DS76Q

Level 7
Hello everyone,
When attempting to connect using the USB-C output on the back to my sound bar & TV via various HDMI cables, adapters, etc. windows reports the only available sample rate as 48.0Khz. The USB-C outputs from the NVIDIA RTX 3070 mobile which I want to use since the madVR scaling will be much more efficient on the discrete GPU as opposed to the iGPU from AMD.

Windows seems to detect and supports all other features just fine including 4K60 HDR, DTS (Audio, HD), Dolby (Digital, Digital Plus, TrueHD, Atmos). The only thing that it doesn't seem to detect and appropriately map are the supported bit / sample rates.

Connecting to the HDMI output which comes from the AMD iGPU allows for all other above functions and also properly maps all supported sample / bit rates (16/24-bit & 44.1Khz up to 192Khz). However, the madVR performance of the AMD iGPU leaves much to be desired making my desired doubling & quadrupling of FullHD, HD, & SD content to 4K perform terribly.

My sound bar is properly passing through the supported audio CEC information as I was able to read the EDID information. Otherwise I would've suspected an issue with the cables / adapters I've tried but the same behavior happens regardless when connecting to that USB-C port on the back.

Anyone else noticed similar bit-rate / sample rate issues when connecting the USB-C port through HDMI?

~Aaron R.