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USB-C port no longer works on Asus Rog Strix G712LU

Level 7

Today, suddenly, after leaving my mobile phone connected to the PC in question on the USB-C port and walking away for about an hour, I found the PC on standby. From now on, after turning it back on, the USB-C port no longer worked with any devices. The power supply to the connected devices also failed. Is it a hardware failure? Can someone help me? Thank you in advance

On Windows Device Manager the port still exists and is defined as fully functional. (I attach photo)



Level 12

Connected to the USB-C/DP port, the phone has what fast charging mode expressed in Watts ?

Level 7

The phone was a Galaxy s23 ultra (fast charging max 45 Watt). 

However, fast charging had been disabled on the device. 

I later tried to connect an iPhone 13 but there was no sign of any connection, neither data nor electrical.

And you previously charged this iPhone from this particular USB port ?

Level 7

No, it was the first time with iPhone

The trouble is that you can't charge iPhones with just anything.

It doesn't charge or connect even with a Samsung A33 5G. It doesn't charge or connect even with a Samsung A33 5G. I only use original Samsung and Apple cables