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Upgrading Rog Stirix

Level 7

Hi guys,

Recently I brought a Rog Strix G16 G614JI with 16GB@4800Hz, I'm planning to upgrade it, but couln'f find the techninal manual, as Asus is very greedy with the documentation, I would like to know if this laptop supports ram 32GB x2, also if I can upgrade  the bus to 5200Hz or 5600Hz.

Btw I also planning to add an other 1T nvme, which heatsink should I buy?




Ah ok, I had a similar situation with my olf AMD FX8350. I mounted a AIO and was really proud of the temps. I became sceptical when it was just 1°C over room temp. Later it went down even further^^

Thanks for looking that up for me!

Level 8

What about 32GBx2, like SODIMM Kingston FURY Impact KF548S38IBK2-64 ? Does someone tryied 64gb?

According to this thread: it's possible at 5200MHz with 64GB and at 5600MHz with 32GB.

Edit: I have the same laptop and should receive my RAMs soon (Kingston 2x 32GB 5600MHz) - I'll update you...

Any updates?

Hey, sorry, haven't found any time do try it out yet and the laptop just sits unused at my table. Had a lot to study and otherwise a bit much to do.

Should be done within the next few days though. I'll let you know.

Hi, worked perfectly. Running at 5200MTu as expected.

Training took about 2min.

Level 9

I have put a UHD display in and everything works great. 

@pepe999 Could you please provide more information? Which panel did you use?

Hi, thanks for letting me know!

Just to make sure, you can confirm it works for the G16 G614JI model, right?

Does HDR work too?

I'm not too sure of the differences between the models, but since they have a 240Hz display for my model code, I think it should work.

How was opening the bezel? Is it very filmsy? The laptop in the video is a older model, so I'm not sure if there is anything glued or smth like that. I changed quite a few laptop displays, some of them were easy to access, on others the bezel would instantly break.