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Upgradeing your GL702ZC notebook?

Level 8
Hi all again! Did you miss me? 😜

I did buy this laptop on this weekend sale as it was time for an update on that apartment and so ofcorse i did lookup an future upgrade bath of this one.
So far i know that in the mail is version "GC173T" that means:
CPU: AMD 8-Core RYZEN 7 1700 (3.0 GHz)
GPU: Radeon™ RX580 4 Gt
Memory: 16 Gt 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM-muisti (most likely single stic)
SSD: 256 Gt M.2 (most likely non-NVMe)
HDD: 1Tt (5400rpm)

The Manual via ASUS website: Tell's you that you can update your hardware by opening the lover cover, Example that M.2 slot supports 2280 NVMe and SATA SSD's if you want to upgrade it and that you can chage that HDD too.
But where are those media files that you need for installing OS?
Are there a build in USB bootdrive maker on it already for easy install or do you need to make your own?

I allso see that on the specs shows that the motherboard in it supports Dualchannel memory but the supported DC mem list is missing like its a topsecret?
The Laptop seller only sells aData SoDIMM 2400MHZ and the upcomeing Linus Tech Tips video shows that there is Samsung memory used at least on theyr model version...

Yeah im neube again on this new teck and what i member reading this new rizen can be little difficult on memory, so Fingers corst some one kows what to buy on this! Special if you look your new mem prices at the moment...
CPU: AMD FX-8150 MB: ASUS Crosshair V Formula DDR3: 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper DDR3-1866
GPU: ASUS 7970 SSD: 4x Corsair F3 120GB @ Raid0 PSU: SF Golden Silent 500W OS: W7 Ultimate 64bit

Level 8
Any News here?

ReneS wrote:
Any News here?

Afraid not.
With Zen 2 approaching, I am seriously beginning to harbour negative feelings towards Asus for refusing to release BIOS updates that would allow us to use high frequency RAM and Zen 2.
3000 MhZ SO-DIMM DDR4 sticks are on the market (albeit a bit on the expensive end right now) and have been for months now.
Zen 2 is likely going to see release in Q1 of 2019 for consumers, so that's fast approaching.

This is borderline criminal.
We paid nearly £1600 (or $1600 for USA residents) for the laptop when it came out... that's a pretty high asking price for desktop hardware and removable CPU.

But, AMD designed the B350 and its socket to support upgrades to 2019/2020.... it is really idiotic that Asus refuses to release necessary microcode updates.
Its not a big deal to devote a fraction of the resources towards this task and release the BIOS when its ready so we can upgrade to Zen 2 and high frequency RAM.

Perhaps we should just open up support tickets to Asus and demand of them to release upgraded BIOS support for Zen 2 and high freq. RAM.