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Upgrade And Issues - ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 2023 G733PYV-LL064 (90NR0DB4-M005K0)

Level 7

Hello community. I came here from MSI Raider GE75 8SF.

Decided to continue my path with Asus (cuz dont like when keyboard leds just burnt out and keep flickering when everything is off, but it was much brighter (letters itself)

 Now im with Asus camp, and looking for upgrade.

First of all RAM and SSD.

RAM 2 x 32Gb (choosing from what i can get in local stores):

  • Kingston FURY Impact [KF556S40IBK2-64] - 5600 MHz
  • Kingston FURY Impact [KF548S38IBK2-64] - 4800 MHz
  • G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 [F5-4800S3838A32GX2-RS] - 4800 MHz
  • Crucial [CT2K32G48C40S5] - 4800 MHz
  • Crucial [CT32G56C46S5] - 5600 MHz
  • Corsair [CMSX64GX5M2A4800C40] - 4800 MHz

What of these would be best choice?

As i undersand, my laptop cant work with raw 5600 MHz, and any higher than 4800 will be cutted?  + PRICE for 5600 higher than 4800.

So what should i go with? Take 5600 and wait till Asus will upgrade BIOS firmware? Or take 4800 and forget about memory upgrade for a long time till new laptop?



Any advices here? What about 4Tb ? Are there enough default cooling to provide smooth and stable work for that capacity? Will it fit with radiator or only default unit?

What im looking at:

  • ADATA Legend 960 MAX [ALEG-960M-4TCS] - 4 Tb
  • ADATA Legend 960 MAX [ALEG-960M-2TCS] - 2 Tb
  • ADATA Legend 960 [ALEG-960-4TCS] - 2 Tb
  • Kingston Fury Renegade [SFYRD/4000G] - 4 Tb
  • Kingston Fury Renegade [SFYRDK/4000G] - 4 Tb
  • Kingston Fury Renegade [SFYRD/2000G] - 2 Tb
  • Kingston Fury Renegade [SFYRDK/2000G] - 2 Tb

Thanks to all in advance.


Level 12

Your laptop support up to 5200mhz so buy kingson fury impact 5600mhz best for gaming 


If i need to buy new ram for sure will be Kingston fury 


For SSD i am not so sure

Level 7


Ok. I decided to put inside RAM Fury Impact 5600 64Gb and SSD Fury Renegade 4tb SFYRD (Will see what its look like)

NOW about issues.

Are there any solution to remove noise from speakers when there are a bass sound ???

Im very surprised that PREMIUM LAPTOP for crazy money i have to finish and polish by myself. I liked Dynaudio from MSI, it was really strong/loud/noiseless. But here, bass sounds are pain for ears, even with dolby atmos on board.

Loud COIL WINING also here 🤣

Audio just fall off periodically (reboot or switch off on realtek device helps). Not only mine problem according to forum's topics

4k$ at local store and everything force to wear headphones and use hammer and nails. ASUS, SERIOUSLY ?