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Update G733PZ-LL034W

Level 9

I have a new G733PZ-LL034W

I'm still testing it, but looks great. 🙂
I'm wondering if could be useful update RAM that it's only 16gb (I use it for gaming, but also photo editing and I'd like to edit more video)

But I'm a bit confuse. The maximum RAM is 32gb or 64gb?
4800Mhz or 5600Mhz?

With CPUZ I saw there is only one stick of RAM now, but If I buy only another stick of 16gb I don't know which brand and model would pair perfectly (and if it's worth the price or it's better buy two new sticks)

Thank you 🙂


Level 12

Max ram support minimum will be 64 but i am no so sure for the max ram

in your case for gaming laptop its better to have more ram my have 32gb and for example Hogwarts Legacy  whit the system usage use 23GB of the ram so buy more ram

Another thing is that you have 2 ram slots so this is 2x8 in this case you must buy 2 new ram sticks 2x16 to get 32 but if you have only 1 ram slot used so you must buy only 1 stick but must be the some model same speed and same CL 

If you wont faster ram buy 2 new ram sticks to 5200 mhz that will improve speed stability and will provide dual chanel support 

The max ram speed support must be 5200mhz but i dont know is there a bios support for this model if someone else know he will write in the post ... But buy minimum 5200mhz 


Thank you.

CPUZ say i have only one stick of 16gb.

I found some crucial 16gbx2 5200Mhz at 99€ and i bought it.

I wanted buy only one stick but i should stay at 4800 and don't know the exact CL
And maybe 64gb it's still not worth the price..

I hope i did the correct choice.

Crucial is not bad and you will see big difference between 1x16 and 2x16 

This dual channel of the ram will make very big difference also the ram speed that is 5200mhz will provide more fps and no so big fps drops in the game 

I also thing 32gb ram for the moment are perfect most game that i play never get more than 20gb whit chrome and other apps so in this case 32gb ram will make good job for long time 

Thank you.

Should I change some settings in BIOS after I installed them?

Nope when i upgrade my new ram i just insert it and start the laptop, only for the first start up can be little bit slow but depends from the device in some websites they even write for 10 minutes first startup becouse the laptop must abjust the new ram but for me it was the same startup

Ok, i will try

Thank you 🙂

Level 9

I installed the RAM

Is seems to work good.

There was only one "black pad"
This should work as termal pad? Because it doesn't look termal pad to me, but just pad to protect RAM.
And now only one RAM is covered.

It is ok or it's more safe put some termal pad? 

Dont worry bro you will not have a problem whit the cooling or the ram so use it and dont think for this little things 

But still if you wont to check the temperatures download HWINFO64 and from there you can check everything 

Ok, thank you
The temperature in general are a bit high.

I'll check eventually for an undervolt if is possible, also if around 90°C should still be safe for a laptop.
But in summer will be hotter...