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UPDATE 4/30/2018- Gonna go for the Liquid Metal! GL502VS

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Update: 4/30/2018 - So i finally had the time to work on this, i wanted to make sure i had a big window to take my time. I did a gap re-tape job as well. Without going to my imgur page, i got about 10-12degrees lower at full load in Aida64. I haven't had time to benchmark games yet, but i will soon. if anyone has any questions or want me to test any games please let me know. Over all i am happy with how it came out!

Link to Imgur Post

So, I noticed my temps creeping up a bit so I decided to do a little more cooling tuning... I cracked open the case again and removed the heat sink and removed all the “toothpaste” from the memory and VRM’s (What a mess that stuff is!!) I replaced them with thermal tape and replaced the thermal paste in the GPU and CPU temporarily and Touched up my taped gaps!

I did notice an instant improvement, about 7 degrees and when running iada64 it would thermal throttle but after the phase one thermal tape and temp paste job. There was no more Thermal throttling!

Anyways my next step is to do the liquid metal. I have read all the pros and cons and the pros outweigh the cons for me, especially if it is done properly, I feel confident it won’t cause any issues! Hopefully!! I don’t think it will be like 20 degrees but maybe 8-10?....

Plus with the taped gaps fix I did last year. It should be running cool with no undervolting of cpu or gpu and no disabling turbo.

I’ll update this when it’s finished! Wish me luck!!

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what worries me is that it may not be permanent.. are you concerned about having to re-do it after 6 months or something?

FastM wrote:
what worries me is that it may not be permanent.. are you concerned about having to re-do it after 6 months or something?

I am not concerned about having to reapply it, i have not seen or read anything that makes me think i will have to reapply it. Even videos that "check" it after 3 or 6 or 9 months to see how things are, it wasn't because they needed to reapply it, but to see how things looked or any degradation to the cpu/gpu and heatsink..

Whats interesting to me is people don't want to put it on a laptop because of it being moved around or stored on its side while transporting, but i would bet that a laptop cpu/gpu spend more time flat than a tower where the majority of CPU's are mounted vertically aside from the GPU. Granted the desktop does not get moved around as much but if gravity is working against the liquid metal then i believe a tower would see more issues?

Just my two cents 🙂

I am curious to hear others thoughts on this. I know on this forum someone has already don this on their gl702

I would never do that on mine (It's a GL502VS). ~77c (GPU) on full load is good enough for me and the CPU never gets throttled below 3.4GHz on 4 cores.

Robotec wrote:
Well, after 5 months the laptop almost got fried by the liquid metal when it moved outside the cooling pad and i had to clean all the metal TIM, my laptop has only survived because i suspect the electronics shut down all power refered to the gpu and that saved my laptop.

So my conclusion its that after 5 months the experiment has been a partial sucess in the temperature but a failure in the final results because it wasnt designed for laptop use..

Right now its working with high end normal cooling paste and has come back to the normal 93ºC with heavy load.

In the future i will try the new wich is specialy designed for laptops and portable devices

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Updated Original Post.

cdrshm wrote:
Updated Original Post.

nice work!, sadly an MSI of my brother i wanted to put some liquid metal, but it dies 😞 , with my Asus GL553VD din't happend the same, my temps are really good after doing this, but now i need to buy or send to warranty that MSI xD, is an GTX 1060, my Asus is only an 1050, so i well, no every laptop can support this method, but congrants, your temps sems to be good only at 4600 rpm.

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I did it a while ago, reduced by 20ºC

gugle wrote:
I did it a while ago, reduced by 20ºC

Nice work! 20ºC is amazing! Its crazy how much hot air and how HOT the air is coming out the back now....It works very well!!

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i've gl502vs... I've applied grizzly conductonaut... but, the temperature is also over 90°... not solved... this thermal problem is very difficult to solve...