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Upcomming Pascal models for the GL Series

Level 7
Hello everyone

i have been searching the net quite frequently the last 6 months or so, for info on the GL702 and GL502 models, and got 2 questions.

does anyone know why we haven't seen a GL702VS model ?


i know the sticky post about thunderbolt 3 ports says that some countries have different requests about removing thunderbolt in a specific sub model, but seriously, the internet dosent show a single type of GL502VS with thunderbolt 3, i suppose that would indicate that every single country on the planet didnt want a GL502VS with thunderbolt 3, but in that case ill have to make my own country and request such a model and im sure i cant be the onlyone.

i cant help but feel that these rather strange decisions will only make people hold on to there money in hopes for later releases because its obvious they will come but just dosent know when ?

Level 7
1 - I agree with you, there should absolutely be a GL702VS model - it's what I'm waiting for actually. I've heard that 3k/4k models were going to be coming out next month so maybe it'll come out in time for that refresh. What I'm hoping for is that the GL702VS updates with TB3, with an updated Kaby Lake CPU, and with a powerbrick that can handle the 1070 card - only because the current GL502VS's brick will actually let the laptop discharge while plugged in.

2 - As for why TB3 isn't in the VS model laptops as of yet - I doubt this was a regional thing and instead an oversight. Could just be they put in the wrong brand of type-c connectors without realizing it until everything was finalized. If the VM models came later, it would make sense that they realized their mistake and included it with them. A refresh now would cause some backlash by current customers, but down the road the part could change.


I am also in the same situation. I would love to see a GL702 with a gtx 1070, considering that by diminishing the bezel its dimension should not be so huge compared to the gl502vs. Look at this video comparing the size of the gl502vs (with 1070) to the gl702 (with 1060). The comparison is around 0:50

Sadly I havent found any announcement and I do not know if it will come out.