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Level 7

Hello, I have a question about my Asus ROG Strix G18. My hardware consists of an i9 13980HX processor and an RTX 4080 (laptop). I undervolted my processor by about -40 mV from the BIOS, and I wanted to know if this seems appropriate and if the configuration is stable. Should I reduce or increase it? Additionally, if someone with the same model has already tried this, what would be the optimal point where it performs equally or better, but with less heat and without affecting the equipment's lifespan?

My model is the G814JZ


Level 12

Hey read your post watch this link from You tube 

Level 12

Read about the "TrottleStop" program. For this CPU, a 120 mV reduction in core and cache voltages is the norm.

Level 7

Thank you for answering, I will keep it in my mind.

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Level 12

You even can apply bigger undervolt for example i have i7-13650HX and my undervolt is 

-170mv core

-140mv Pcore cache

-150mv Ecore cache 

And intel GPU -40mv

So it depends from the cpu 

Also other advice use intel XTU dont use throttlestop i haved a problem whit throttlesop when i try to increase the Pcores frequency some of the Pcores can stay at bigger core speed other not even if i apply a same clock speed to all Pcores

Now whit intel XTU i get stable temperature and core speed

Screenshot 2023-11-23 213759.png