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Two questions about my GL553VD

Level 7
Hello, I recently bought a ROG GL553VD, I have two questions about it.

The first question is about temperatures. What are the normal operating temperatures for a gaming laptop of this kind? Playing TES Skyrim at 1080p max I've found the CPU to normally heat up at 75 or even 80°c in some parts of the map, despite it being a relatively old game. The same happens with CS:GO with the frame limiter at 120fps, despite CS:GO also being relatively old. Are these temperatures normal for a gaming laptop? They seemed a bit too high to me. Would it be wise to limit the framerate to 60 to have lower temperatures? I'd like this computer to last me as long as it can.

2. What are the dangers of updating the BIOS? Will this mess with my warranty? I've seen there's a new 3.0.8 bios available for the GL553VD, the one I have has 3.0.6. Would it even be worth the risk upgrading it?

Thanks beforehand.

Level 7
Updating your BIOS will never ever ruin your warranty.
Go, Update this BIOS. GL553VD just have some serious problems with the fan settings in previous versions.
If not working. It's time for new Thermal paste and here it WILL RUIN your warranty. The Thermal paste that comes with the computer is always, ALWAYS carbage!