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Thoughts on the Asus ROG Strix G15?

Level 7

Looking to buy this gaming laptop that is on sale on Amazon at 1500$ CAD. Is it a good investment? Should I wait? I’m just looking for a good laptop who can run maybe games like Fortnite, Apex, DayZ, Sea of Thieves at maybe 100 fps at 1080p/1440p Max Settings. Not looking for one that could run Elden Ring 4k at 100fps iltra graphics.


Level 7

Don't buy it. It comes with way too many hardware and middleware problems and errors.

Imagine you'd want to take your laptop with you, but:

- 40 minutes in the battery dies
- You literally cannot get the laptop to sleep, causing it to overheat and crash
- Any Armoury Crate update will destroy at least 1 working functionality.
- If you're quite lucky, you won't have any graphics, BIOS or driver issues. Must be the luckiest person in the world though for that to happen

I have the ROG Strix G15 (10750H / RTX2070) mainly because of the fact it wasn't too expensive (bought it back then for 1399 EUR) but it's been a journey of frustration and headache. I'd rather pay a few hundred extra in the future for guaranteed stability.