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Terrible Thermals on G512LV

Level 10
I can see from other threads that i am not alone in this issue, but i am experiencing some pretty awful thermal performance and throttling with my laptop which is barely 6 months old, but has performed this way from pretty much day 1.

At idle with a minimum of background process running it will sit at mid 30s in a room with an ambient temperature of around 21c. However the moment i try to load even something like HWinfo, it will momentarily spike upto the low 60s. Again this might not be anything to be unduly concerned about, the real concern is when under a gaming load where it quite often hits 100c, but usually no less than mid 90s.

I should add that I am using this on a flat table and is propped up on each corner (the laptop, not the table) by about 3 inches so there is a clear gap underneath the unit of about 3 inches for airflow, although i have not yet tried any of the laptop cooling pads as i am not sure they are all that effective.

So the question is what gives? what can i do to mitigate this or am i just stuck with a lemon of a laptop that only safe use is for boiling water and as a space heater?

Level 10
First - repasting (as factory applied paste sucks) and second - ThrottleStop. Both together work like magic. Mine is this way since the second week from purchase.

Fine suggestions both of them, however this model is supposed to use Liquid metal so repasting in the traditional sense is not so easy and i am not convinced it will improve things if i could. i have never used liquid metal before so i am not sure if lifting the heatspreader will cause problems with the liquid metal application.

I have tried Throttlestop, but the options are limited on this laptop, it seems that none of the usual options are there such as undervolting, to be clear the option is there but it is greyed out, the best i can hope for is a small undervolt thats available via the Asus bios.

I've tried LM on my previous laptop, but the result was just like the other old generation pastes with max working temp of 100 C - few days later it was a disaster. Went for the better newer pastes with max work temp of 200 C and all was perfect (and still is months later). Search if there's older BIOS without the Plundervolt "fix" and check if it does the trick (remember to default it and restore original settings, otherwise voltages might remain locked).

Is there anything that can be done to improve the performance without trying to find an old BIOS, would it be worth trying to repaste the Liquid Metal? It’s reasonable to assume that if normal paste application at the factory can be terrible, is it likely that factory application of Liquid metal can also be considered bad?

I have a G512LW with the exact same issue. I got it in December and sent it in for "repair". They just cleaned the inside (which wasn't dirty cuz I had only had it for 5 days) and sent it back. now I'm outside my return period. Honestly I wish I would have just returned it and bought something else.

You could also try throttlestop. It has helped me some. I'm running in the high 80's now: