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Temperatures on Rog Strix G16 G614JI During Intense Gaming Sessions

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I'm a user of an Asus Rog Strix G16 G614JI for about 2 months (A new device).

The model is equipped with a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU.

I'm reaching out to inquire about normal temperatures for my device and any 'extreme or dangerous temperatures' that may be reached during sessions of demanding games like Red Dead Redemption II. The game runs excellently with the graphic settings I have (several options set to 'High' and some to 'Ultra,' resolution at 1920 x 1200, fixed FPS at 60, and DLSS in performance mode). However, it causes CPU temperatures ranging between 78-86°C, sometimes touching 90°C. In the case of the GPU, it's consistently about 10°C cooler, around 70°C, so I'm not too concerned about it. My worry is the CPU. I'm not knowledgeable about electronic components or computing, but I want good gaming performance without risking damage to a high-end device due to ignorance. Everywhere I look on internet, it seems the temperature range I have is excessive 😞





I have EVERYTHING COMPLETELY UPDATED with the latest GeForce drivers, I also use a laptop cooling pad and the 'Turbo' mode from Armoury Crate, but it seems not to help much in reducing the temperature further. Perhaps it's just my lack of knowledge. Are the temperatures I mentioned normal or anormal for these components?

If my temperatures are too high due to my game being configured very demanding, I suppose I'll have no choice but to further reduce the graphic options. I welcome suggestions if anyone has this game on a similar device to mine.

I'll appreciate any advice you all can offer.


Level 12

You might want to lower your specs while in game try manually setting your fans instead of using turbo. 

Level 10

CPU temperature spikes between 90-95c are normal for the Intel Core i9-13980HX when gaming or running demanding benchmarks.
Although your average should be between 70-80c with liquid metal.
The cpu's are designed to push for maximum performance if there is thermal headroom and by specification the rated throttle point is 100c.
Have a look at this video with an Intel engineer who explains the Architecture of modern Intel Cpu's.

Generally we use applications such a Throttlestop or Intel XTU to undervolt and in some cases reduce the turbo groups of the cpu to reduce throttling.
A very good video guide can be found on this link.

Very good video... hearing from an expert associated with Intel reassured me a bit.

Apparently, my temperature ranges fall within the "Normal" range for this component, as you mentioned, with those peaks and the overall average.

Maybe I should just keep playing as usual, trusting the security systems integrated into the components..., but I think I'll reduce my gaming hours xD... I'll have to check... I see that many are concerned like me, not only about the CPU itself (which, as the engineer mentioned, is designed for these workloads... to reach and surpass those limits...) but also about the other components that may be alongside the processor and may not have the capacity to withstand high temperatures... I saw many critical comments pointing to that... but according to the same video, as all these components now have increased temperature monitoring, with sensors as close to the hot spots as possible... (hinting that they could well place the sensors far from those points to reassure those who want everything below 70°C xd), I understood that the measurements shown are only the highest ones at these specific points... if it shows 95°C at a moment, that's for a specific core... not for the entire processor... let alone, for the whole system... if that were the case, my fingers would already be roasted...

In the end, I learned that if I wanted something with lower temperatures, I should have bought a low-power CPU for that purpose... but I wanted to game xd.

If the high temperatures are bothering you, you can certainly reduce them by sacrificing, I would say, maybe at most, 2-3% performance.
This reduction is unlikely to make a significant difference with DLSS and FrameGen technologies.
In ThrottleStop, in addition to undervolting, you can lower the Turbo Groups for your P and E cores.
I would say P Cores from 56 to a static value of 49 or 48, E Cores to a static value of 38. You can look at an example found here.
Personally, I have tested this, and it indeed lowered the overall temperatures.
However, the nature of my work requires high CPU frequencies.

I have an IETS GT500 cooler running at about 1800 RPM, which helps keep the temps down a bit.
My averages with my undervolt at idle are below 50°C on a cool day.
While gaming, temperatures may range between 70-85°C. My spikes are around 92-95°C for very brief moments.

If I really push the system with, say, Prime95 or Cinebench or compiling my intensive code, yes, the CPU will certainly spike over 90°C.
The other scenario is obvious: some games utilize the CPU more than others.
Like Dead Space or Red Dead Redemption 2, those are very CPU-heavy titles. In those cases, you will most certainly see higher than average CPU temperatures.

What about AMD Ryzen 9 7945hx along with RTX 4090? I have the Rog Strix Scar 17 and it reaches 85-93C CPU and 70-75C GPU while gaming, is it normal? With liquid metal too

Level 11

Some undervolt will help for better temperature and better performance

On this photo (i7 13650hx) i locked my cpu to constant 5ghz for Pcores and undervolt it 

I got temperature in games average 70 degrees 

In your case if you undervolt it you will have better performance and better temperatures but if you dont know how to do it do not do it

Watch this video there is explaned very good how to undervolt and what effects you will gain for your CPU

Also i dont use Turbo or performance mode i use custom mode and set a custom fan profile also is good to buy a cooling pad for your laptop that will improve your temperature but most important is to srt custom fan profile 

Screenshot 2023-11-23 213759.png

Level 11

1-go in manuel mode 

2-create new profile

3-abjust the graph on the left side you have % of the fan speed down you have the temperature my advice is to abjust the dots in this order 30 Degrees=30% fan speed and after this at 40 degrees=40% fan speed you do this till the end of the dots at 90 degreese you can set fan speed at 90% if is too loude drop the fan speed% little bit and try to test and abjust 

4- you choose the GPU and abjust the GPU fan at the same temperature limits when you abjust the CPU and GPU fan profile go between 2 and 5 and safe the profile that you make test this new profile in games and if needed abjusting try to do it 

Screenshot 2023-11-18 032438.png

This way?
without touching "PL1", "PL2", "Base Clock Offset", "Memory Clock Offset", "Dynamic Boost" or "Thermal Target", or any limit that appears under CPU or GPU, right?
There is also a tab that says SYS... do I also configure the fans as in CPU and GPU?

And what about that warning that comes out? XD...could it really kill my computer if I set this wrong?





Only you forget the SYS fan make it the same like others 

When you make SYS fan and save this mode you can name it Mid mode 

After this for lower fan mode make the same temp profile but whit 7 % lower temp it will be 30c-23%.  40c-33%    50c-43% whit this way you can make some gaming profiles and abjust the noise and cooling how you wont but its good GPU CPU ans SYS to have the same graph

And dont worry so much about the heat this is not very big problem for this laptop all so high level laptop CPUs work on this temperature and intel is good if you have a AMD cpu you will be scared what temperature this cpu go ... Constant 90-95 in games 😄 so play whitout a concern make some gaming profiles buy some cooling pad and you are perfect

this is my cooler for 25$ and make good job 

And dont worry most other brands laptops have bad cooling system and thermal throttle very ofter this model have one of the best cooling system and work very good just need some abjusting and you will be fine




 everything is same for cpu gpu ans sys