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Temp Spikes?

Level 7
I have had my G74SX for not even a year yet like 10 months now. I know the usual temps it got were idols around 50 c on the CPU and like 55c on the gpu and this was all fine and good it was in the warm range but i am ok with that because they are high temp rated. but lately i have noticed random temp spike indicated only by the fans going crazy. they drive everything up to like 70 c witch is what i get when i am normally playing a game.
Right now they are idling at like 60c i have them at around 56 c cause i have a cold air fan on the laptop.
the only thing i can think of is i updated to the new gpu drivers for planetside 2 and i am not sure if this might be causing it but i know it should not affect the cpu and its showing like 5% or less use while this is happening.
the only thing on at the time is my second monitor via hdmi and youtube playing videos. This never seemed to drive them this high before. and shutting everything off but the second monitor did nothing to help the temps. I plan on getting a can of air to try and blow them out but I don't think that it will be bad enough to cause 20c spikes?

I have the 3gb 560m i7 2.2ghz 12gb ram at 1333mhz
with a RAZER BLACKWIDOW ULTIMATE and a RAZER NAGA attached as well as a logitech extreme 3d pro x 30 joystick my printer and my headset mic in as well as a logitech wireless reciver for a wireless keyboard with built in track pad

thanks for any thoughts silencedelta

Level 10
Dust or thermal paste failure cause this problem
The first question, maybe you can try to clean...
The second question...i suggest you can sent the notebook to asus service detail check....

asus service center contact information: