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Stuttering after exiting a fullscreen game

Level 9


I have the Strix G614   with I7-13650hx and 4060 card 

I was having a problem with Windows or everything used after stutters after Exiting a fullscreen game, it was so bad but I found a temp solution to it , and it was just using the ultimate mode, but this was like I am losing half of the hardware I paid for, after doing more test I guess the solution is to turn off G-sync and Vesa sync and only use fast sync in Nvidia panel, more test on it but as for now this is the right way, maybe the problem is with sync handling between the two syncs with advanced Optimus.

Just posted this for anyone who has the same problem.


Level 8

Hey, I have the same problem, my post:

How are things going with you now? I'm thinking about the last option - reinstalling Windows, or even refunding the laptop, if all else fails. It's weird that we have to go through all these hoaxes to make things work properly.

I did find a solution now, I opened task manager and did find that the Nvidia container uses the most CPU, did one task close for it,  it reopened self but now with no stuttering. 

Disabling G-sync and V-sync somehow helped me, but in Dark Souls it’s still 50-60 fps and there seems to be some slight stuttering, in general, it’s unplayable in this game, about the Nvidia container will be inconvenient to do this every time

Update: Nope, didn't help, in Dota 2 30-50% GPU might cause stutters ( V-sync and G-sync off, also tried your suggestion with Nvidia container )Dota2_2.png

looks like your problem is with something else, maybe Nvidia settings, try to DDU the Nvidia driver and reinstall it and only change the settings in the game, don't do anything in the Nvidia control panel.

Reinstall GPU drivers, I tried with the default settings in the Nvidia Control Panel and it was unplayable. After setting up the panel it became better, but not ideal again, freezes in Dark Souls 3 and low FPS remained, also low GPU usage in Dota 2, but freezes became much less. Maybe reinstall Windows idk?

Try the new drivers maybe it solves the problems .

Thx, I don't notice any lags yet

Yeah the last update have fixes for advanced optimus.