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Strix scar ii gl504gm acmon battery draining issue

Level 7
I noticed that my GL504GM cant boot up unless with the charger plugged in around one year ago, and recently I found the solution. The culprit is the ACMON in GameVisual. ACMON drains the battery tiill 0% when booting even when its 100% charged, when booting up the laptop will almost instantly show low battery and shut down afterwards.

I first tried uninstalled GameVisual and the problem is solved, then i tried installing another version from asus again and the problem reappear, then I tried disable ACMON from the startup and the problem gone again.

Now I have to deal with the laptop shutting down at around 30-40%. Come on ASUS. :mad::mad::mad:

Level 7
Now my battery start to shows 0% while actually having battery and wont charge up which can tell by the charging LED indicator.