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Strix Scar II Fan slows down during gaming and laptop heats up

Level 7
I have an ROG Strix Scar II with the normal components that come with it, nothing replaced. (i7-8750H CPU, RTX 2070 GPU). When I run a game, my GPU will maybe go to 80 degrees max, but my CPU jumps to 95 degrees Celsius very fast. The issue is that my fan slows down when I play games. I need to go to Armoury Crate and change the fan setting from turbo to manual, then back to turbo. After doing this, my fan speeds up from around ~7700 rpm to ~8800 rpm for one minute, then slows down again. When I check, my CPU is back to 95 degrees. Sometimes if I leave it for too long, it can get as high as 98 degrees.
When I keep my fan on manual 100%, it also is not fast enough to cool my laptop. I see that the manual fan speed slider goes up to 102% speed, but I can never slide it that far; it always stops at 100%.
People always say to clean my fans, but I clean those every month, so it's not a problem. My fans are able to run fast enough to cool my laptop, but for some reason they always run slower when my laptop overheats, rather than speeding up.
How can I force my fan to run at ~8800rpm at all times, to prevent my CPU from overheating? Or is there anything else I can do that does not involve going to a store (since my parents do not want me to risk getting COVID)?