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Strix Scar G532LWS Key replacement

Level 7
Hello !

This is my first post here since i'm out of ideas. My problem, like a lot of people, is that i've got a broken key (Caps lock) on my G532LWS-HF115T laptop.
The main problem is that i've checked every key replacement website and none of them is selling a key for my specific model.

I talked to Asus directly and they told me to send the laptop to their repair center to replace it. I'm working on my laptop and their average repair time is between 7 to 21 days, which is impossible since i'm working with my laptop.
Obviously they doesn't send a keyboard or my specific key to replace it myself, and the average price of a full keyboard for my model is around 180€.
So i was wondering, can i buy a key from another model and use it on this current laptop without any issues ? If so, which models would be the same as my laptop and how can i know that by myself ?
I'm attaching the keyboard of my laptop for better understanding.

Thank you very much for the time you are spending reading and helping me 🙂

If it were me I would check Ebay and setup an alert for the g532. For hard to find parts it's often easiest to get them used from a donor unit.
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