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Strix Scar G15 G533QR sleep, LED and keyboard issue

Level 7
Dear Community,
I've just purchased brand new Strix Scar G15 G533QR (Ryzen 7, RTX3070). The only option to get my hands on this laptop was to buy it without Windows preinstalled - it came with no OS. I didn't have problem with Windows installation - I did it a lot of times. After installing Windows it sucked all the drivers and even BIOS and keyboard firmware from Windows Update.

So problem #1 is that I can't put laptop to sleep. When inspecting the problem with "powercfg - requests" I get this thing to prevent sleep: "Legacy Kernel Caller", "Power Manager" and under the software section it's "LightingService.exe". I can't figure out how to disable all that things. Here is a video I made:

Problem #2 is that Airplane Mode LED is lit all the time. It wouldn't bother me but this LED is very bright. This LED is even lit when I completly shut down the laptop and connect the charger. So I get the battery LED and Airplane Mode LED lit at the same time...

Problem #3: F2 key is hard to press - much harder than the rest of the keyboard.

Do you guys think it's time for a RMA?

Level 7
Return that thing. Do yourself a favor and get a legion 5 pro with same specs and mux switch.