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Strix Scar 18 crashes when entering the WINRE

Level 7

Hey there.

Due to multiple problems i decided to reset my laptop to factory state.

As im entering the WINRE with pressing F12 while booting, im getting a bluescreen. It says "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED"

After a quick research i learned it may come from corrupt drivers.

In the past i did not install some new drivers or anything. I also did "sfc/scannow" which fixed some files as it said but i still cant enter the WINRE to get it back to factory settings.

Is there any hint from you guys how to get it done?

I just made a bootable usb-stick to install Windows from scratch. Is there any downside doing this? The drivers für everthing are allready downloaded and saved on an external device so that shouldnt be a problem.

Thanks in advance.