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Strix Scar 15 G533QS speakers / audio issue

Level 7
It looks like all of a sudden, only the back 2 speakers (which appear to be the high frequency ones) seem to be working. Audio is very high pitched, essentially sounding like a cheap radio.

Everything was working fine this morning, and I had no issues prior. I put my laptop to sleep, came back a couple of hours later, and now I have this sound issue.

I figured it's a software thing, since the laptop wasn't touched while I was gone (although there were no updates either). I tried reinstalling the Realtek drivers, tried rolling them back, tried multiple versions (some of which just didn't work and no sound was coming out of the speakers at all). None of it fixed the issue.

I tried disabling Dolby Spatial Sound, disabling Audio Enhancements, disabling Hardware Accelaration. No luck.

I tried a few other generic fixes that others have mentioned in audio related posts (though the issues described by them didn't seem to fit my situation). Nothing.

So far the only thing I can conclude is that the speakers on the bottom, left and right of the trackpad, just don't work anymore.

Does anynone have any ideas, or faced similar issues?

Level 7

The same here.

I tried to:

- change sound driver for realthec and microsoft

- back to old bios 330 from 331

- back to old system windows 11 on backup drive

No way to enable bass speakers on front (trackpad area)