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Strix SCAR 15 (2021) - G533 - Opto-mechanical key broken - solutions?

Level 7

Hey folks - so I've had my G533 Strix SCAR 15 for just under 3 years now, and my favourite part of it, honestly, has been the keyboard. I'm a writer, and it's the primary reason I use this laptop (along with some gaming and Twitch streaming). I just opened it up recently, and the N key seemed to be jamming up a little bit while pressing it. I flicked off the keycap and found that the plastic hinge/switch thingy inside it is broken. at the corner (it's in two pieces, with the top left corner effectively broken off) - I tried to remove it entirely to see if It could just glue it back together and put it back in. However, this led to a new complication, as under the plastic piece, there are two springs. One large primary sprint, so to speak, and one minuscule spring - which I can't seem to figure out where it goes. I've put the key back together without the small spring, and while they key does work now, it's lose its mechanical 'click' - which clearly was the purpose of the small spring - so the actuation feels very vague. Has anyone been in this situation with keys on this specific laptop before? Long shot, because it's a very specific problem with a very specific model. I've tried searching for any kind of repair disassembly videos specific to this keyboard online, but there honestly seems to be nothing.

The laptop does have extended warranty with accidental cover, but I'm worried they might not honor it saying that I've tried to mess around with the key myself. I recently had the motherboard changed under warranty as well and had, an absolute nightmare with the RMA team (a lot of unpleasantness because they were not willing to replace the board with a dead GPU, citing minor rust on a USB port as liquid damage) - so I'd like to avoid having to go through that headache again. I think if I can just figure where the spring goes, the keyboard should be back to normal.

Any suggestions? Even if there's a tutorial of how to remove and swap switches. I'd swap take the switch from a function key I don't use too often and put that in the current problem key.