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Strix GL703VD-DB74 Fan replacement

Level 7
I need to find a replacement fan for my strix. I have looked online and found that they either don't fit or aren't available.
on the fan itself its punched in dfs521212mpot. The ones I see are different. I've cleaned the fan and more and its still making noise.


Level 12

jdfrench3 wrote:

The fan for GL503 is same as GL703.

The following is the primary fan listed on the ASUS EU parts site:

Thanks for the info, however

I bought 2 versions on that assumption and neither fit. The one ebay one says it the dfs521212mpot but the image shows different

this one:
and this one:
neither fit even tried to remove the housing to adjust.

is there some trick I'm not aware of when trying to replace them?

Thank you very much.