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Strix G713RS HDMI out to LG 65B2 OLED

Level 7
Hello all,

I am having an issue with this G17, G713RS-XS91-CA connected to an LG B2. Just bought the TV a week ago with a 6ft Ultra Highspeed HDMI rated for 8K/4K@120hz.

TV and laptop were both off when connecting HDMI cable. Fired it up and display settings showed a "small screen 1" and a " big screen 2" defaulting to "duplicate screens". I changed it to show on OLED only and it worked at first. It was running at 4K @30hz for some reason and wouldn't let me change refresh rate. Display settings gave me the option to use HDR, I clicked it and the TV screen went black then reverted to duplicate screen again. I know the TV supports HDR so I have no idea what's going on.

Now, I can't get Windows to output video to TV only. Windows display settings no longer shows Screen 1 or Screen 2 separately, just one screen with a 1/2 in the middle. It will only duplicate screen @1440p 60hz on TV. If I select "show only on 1 or 2" it will always stay on both screens. Prompting to "keep setting" or "revert" but is clearly still duplicating. Selecting "keep setting" automatically reverts back to duplicate.

I tried to adjust setting in Nvidia Control Panel and it won't let me adjust resolution for TV above 1440p or change the refresh rate at all. So, yeah, thought I'd post a thread here to speed along the process.

Thanks for your time.

Level 7
Hello all,

Did some diggin on other sites and found that this is an issue with windows. Both Laptop and TV support HDR but for some reason it just doesn't seem to work. Once "use HDR" is selected, the option to disable it disappears and can't be reversed conventionally. The only fixes so far are to:

According to Lanka - Microsoft Agent, the only option is to use system restore to an earlier point.


This was Dennis EK's solution over at MIcrosoft Community:

"Dennis EK, Replied on December 29, 2022

I had the same exact issue and solved it by undoing the HDR setting via regedit.exe. The settings are stored in the following location in the registry:


Each monitor has its own subkey (subfolder) in that location. The name of the value setting is "AdvancedColorEnabled". Set the value to 0 or remove the value, then reboot the PC. After the reboot, I enabled my external monitor again and it worked as normal."

Thankfully this worked for me, thank goodness. I changed the registry value to zero, restarted my PC and BOOOOOM. HDR was disabled and I could output video TV only and was playing games again.

Only issue now is I can only get my laptop to output a 4K@60hz(selecting 120hz auto reverts to 60hz) or 1440p@120hz signal, any Display Settings or Nvidia Control Panel adjustments auto-revert to 60hz. Is it the HDMI cable I am using or what?