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Strix G513qy "random reboot" issue is possibly not random

Level 9

Hi All, 

So, I had this issue pop up about couple months ago. It was fine when I bought the machine. But apparently this was a common problem for others. 

So, I did all the troubleshooting I could. Updated vbios, bios, drivers, even reinstalled OS couple times and changed liquid metal. Ran all sorts of tests. 

So far, I figured out a way to reliably recreate this issue, and that's it. I checked all the threads here and in other forums, but no luck. 

Thread with all the debugging data. 


Anyway, I can't seem to reply to any of the threads here, so I am creating a new one. But yeah, I can reliably create this bug and it is most definitely software related. F1 22 game crashes after benchmark every single time. And based on the gpu z and fps counters, gpu is just going into some random power saving mode which causes this issue. I start with about 90 fps and it dips slowly to 50 fps. If the dip doesn't happen and game stays at 90fps, then there is no crash. If I force it to 30fps, game still dips to 20fps and crashes. 

I was unable to recreate this behaviour in any other game reliably. In some games it crashes randomly, in some games, no crash even after hours of use. But in F1 22, after the benchmark, it will crash almost always during the loading screen. 


Anyway, I am still looking for a solution, as all the solutions suggested in other threads do not work. And if you have this game, I am hoping if you can test out my theory and see if it indeed crashes. 


P.S. I am on windows 10. Latest drivers and vbios and everything. I was not facing these issues when laptop first arrived, so not sure what change caused it. I tried going to oldest vbios and that didn't help either.

And yeah, I am happy to help test more things if anyone has any suggestions.


Level 9

Weirdly, I am unable to reply on any post whatsoever. 

If you can post this to the main post about this issue, please do. Thanks.

Level 7

Seems like the model G733PY isn't the only model affected from these ''random'' reboots afterall...

i have this: bla bla bla rog this rog that heh

@marcopai wrote:

Seems like the model G733PY isn't the only model affected from these ''random'' reboots afterall...

@marcopai wrote:

Seems like the model G733PY isn't the only model affected from these ''random'' reboots afterall...

Oh, definitely not. This crap is happening to all the systems Asus sells. And if you ask for support, nothing happens. There isn't even an error log for these reboots. Whatever the issue is, at least if it logs, we can figure out something. No, just random reboot, good luck figuring it out. 

Funniest thing is this is clearly a software issue. 3 years and Asus is still unable to figure out the bug that causes this. All because apparently no one heard of logging an error message. If only bios logs some sort of messages, rest of us can figure it out. But apparently Asus software team never heard of logging. 

Anyway, for past two months, this laptop is essentially useless. I have had these crashes in small indie games, while games like cyberpunk somehow run fine. Zero reliability. 

P.S. Support says "just go for RMA". As if that will fix their dumb bios coding. 🤦‍♂️

Level 9

Still waiting for any inputs on this. Please help if you can.