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Strix G16 2023 Audio Issues

Level 7

Just picked up this laptop, and while it's been pretty great... I've had one annoying issue.

I've noticed any earbud that I've tried on the laptop that has an in-line mic has a horrible electrical interference sound whenever audio is played and randomly when no audio is being played. At first I thought it was an audio jack issue since Bluetooth audio worked fine but plugging in a pair of Sony XM4's or Arctis Nova 7s work fine. I then found a pair of cheap earbuds with no in-line mic and those also work fine.

It might be a grounding issue? Whenever I have an earbud in and touch the touchpad you can hear the noise, laptop plugged in or not. This doesn't happen when not using headphones with no in-line microphone. I've already tried driver updates and messing with any Realtek options.