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Strix G15 support gen 4 PCIe?

Level 7
Does the G5130qy support PCIe gen4 it came with a gen3 ssd web site only say Gen 3 ssd drive but not if it support Gem 4 PCIe 4?

Level 9
Sadly, I believe everything I've read says that Its Gen 3. I have the same machine you do.

I found one person same laptop his bios stated PCIe gen 4 but he also had a gen 3 ssd. I check my bios it says nothing about gen 4. I read this ryzen chip will support gen 4. I installed the latest bios for this laptop its the first thing I do when I setup a new machine so if it bricks the laptop I just return it. Asus web page for spec just states gen 3 ssd installed but not that it is not a gen 4 PCIe. Was hoping this is AMD latest and greatest CPU and GPU. I know its only ddr4 not ddr 5 memory not sure if that matters.