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Strix g15 2022 - Mux switch option is missing now from Armoury Create

Level 9
Hello all

I had some perforamance issues and then I noticed that my integrated graphics was not turned off today.
And I looked in Armoury Create and the GPU mode was at Ultimate, but the MUX switch icon was gone.

I tried switching modes and restarting but nothing works, the integrated graphics is not being disabled.
I installed bios 320 some time ago, it might have broken it.

Anyone else having issues with the MUX switch?

CRJ84 wrote:
Still it would be nice to know what is going on with the MUX switch 🙂 will try to contanct asus support then for answers.
Thank you.

Good luck to resolve it and feel free to let us know how it turns out or if you are still running into problems.

By the way if you have any interest to erase everything and reinstall the original ASUS factory image, the FAQ below has the instructions if you want to try it later, but hopefully you can find a solution before trying that.