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Strange Problem, Strix GL504GS shutting down suddenly w/o any temp issues

Level 9
I have an ASUS ROG GL504GS laptop. Recently, I noticed some framerate drops in one of my games and saw that the GPU was hitting its upper limits of its heat thresholds. The laptop has a Nvidia GTX 1070/8GB with two fans. I noticed one of the fans wasn't turning so I purchased another one and replaced it and then re-applied thermal paste on the GPU/CPU and the transistors that had paste on them.

Immediately after doing this the computer has been shutting down unexpectedly after 5-10 minutes playing a game. However, it runs fine doing standard PC operations (browser usage,

I've been carefully monitoring heat levels with HWMon and the Asus ROG Gaming Center console, everything looks great and even under load the GPU is hovering around 70-85C and the GPU around 60-70C.

Obviously adding the new fan is causing an issue but I can't figure out what might have happened (it's a pretty simple operation), although I did notice the new fan didn't start spinning even though it worked in the other fan power connection, so I chocked this up to the fact that the GPU wasn't under a heavy enough load, so it didn't need the cooling capacity of the second fan.

Also, the machine doesn't appear to be causing a BSOD, it's more like it has put itself into Sleep/Hibernate mode. When it turns off and I turn it back on, everything that was running before the shutdown is still running. This also means there are no dump files that I can see or analyze.

All drivers and Windows updates have been applied.

Could this be a short occurring or some other issue?
Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Level 9
This problem feels very unusual. I reset the Bios and did a Hard Reset which helped for a bit but I am experiencing huge framerate drops (100fps - 15 fps) in games. However, the CPU and GUP temps are consistently around 60 for the CPU and no more than 70 for the GPU. I can run a full Furmarks test too and the highly the temp gets to is around 65.