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sRGB range suddenly limited. Dark Gradation colors are pixelated. HELP!!! Strix G18 4080

Level 9


Hi, my Asus ROG Strix G18 4080 has been updated to 317 bios not so long ago.

It came to my attention that the sRGB range suddenly became limited and all dark gradation spots became all pixelated. Windows wallpaper, videos, games all poses the same effect.

This happens only on dGPU mode/Ultimate mode, and iGPU/Optimus does not have this issue.

My suspision is that either the bios 317 or some sort of bug happened in Factory setting of Color Profile.

Nvidia control panel does not have a option to change dynamic range from limited to full.

I have tried DDU clean install the nvidia drivers, studio and game ready, but had no change.

Are there anyone experiencing the same problem and is there any fix to this?

Should i clean install the windows and downgrade the bios?
What is causing this issue?


Level 9

I have G16 4080. Same issue. I have tried everthing but no result. I just don't remember I had same problem with old bios or not. most people says new bios caused that.

I never had any issue with 313 bios and the previous. I think 317 bios is the cause of this.
I haven't downgraded it yet.
I went through quiet many different G18s now, because of the coil whine issue, and this is first time happening to the laptop with 317 bios.

I bought this notebook just 3 weeks ago. I installed windows 11, all drivers and software. I was using optimus and advanced optimus for a while. I watched a couple review and realized when mux switch on fps incrasing dramaticlly. I started use only Nvidia GPU and I didn't notice any problem with screen. MyAsus offered new bios and I just installed it. When I bought It was 311. First day updated 313 and used for 2 weeks withouth problem. I think you are right. If I had same problem before, I whould know. Please let me know when you downgrade your bios. If its help, I will downgrade too.

Level 9

Same issue here, SCAR 18 RTX4090!

I thought I was going crazy

Yeap, I was same. I asked my friend. He has G16 4060 and he has same issue. Bios update corrupted all color calibration for nvidia.

found the solution on reddit.

I'm quoting user "

reverting to an older version fixed it , you must install some version or it will come back
here's what i did :

first download an older version of (Asus System Controller Interface) from myasus for me i got 3.1.13
then from task manager - startup apps disable asussmartdisplaycontrol and kill any process running of it (the gift icon)
then go to device manager - system devices -Asus System Controller Interface v3 - right click properties -driver - disable device then uninstall (make sure to check attempt to remove the driver )
refresh by scan for hardware changes you should see an unknown device
then run the setup for the older version and reboot (if you get a message that you have the latest version it means that you didn't uninstall correctly so try again following the steps in the same order i mentioned)
DON'T OPEN MYASUS EVER or it will auto update Asus System Controller Interface and problem will be back
so if you need to do any changes in myasus do it before reverting

Didn't work for me %100. now looks better but not like before.

Asus removed 3.1.13 download link from website but file still there. I downloaded and installed it.

Just need replace that in download line  15025/ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3_ASUS_Z_V3.1.13.0_15025.exe



download line was actually 15025/ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3_ASUS_Z_V3.1.13.0_15025.exe
15254 gave me a 404 error. 

Sorry,my mistake. You are right. I downloaded with 15025 too. I am gonna edit that message.


Btw I found Color profiles on C:\ProgramData\ASUS\GameVisual 

I picked ASUS_DCIP3 on  Color management and now color looks better.