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Some apps never open

Level 7

I got newly Strix Scar 18 G834JY. My main problem is, i guess ofc, some softwares never start and one game i'm playing is highly late opens or tries not to open. These are always quitting their selves that I saw in task manager. I have just installed drivers from original ASUS download page and some necessary apps. An still they never open. I formatted two times and all is same and same. My old 9900k + Rtx2080 laptop never gives that errors. Any advice ? Thank you in advance.

What I did till now: to format, to use compatible mode, to be angry

OS: Win 11 Home, updated.

app never opens: APEV_portable64.exe from Adlice Software

game makes me angry since never open at one attempt and stuck at 81%: Aion Classic EU