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Should I be worried about mine Rog Strix G16 Temperatures?

Level 7

Hello! I bought Rog Strix G16 with 13650HX and 4080 a couple of days ago. I was pretty happy with it: no whine with charger brick(mb it's because of the new one), awesome screen, somehow I even have numpad inside my trackpad(while buying I thought it was only for Scar version). But then I saw 95 degrees max on CPU, and not only in the stress test but in Baldurs Gate 3 also(It actually worked pretty nice with 100+ fps). So I tried to reduce this temperature by minimum downvolting and Turbo Boost reduction. It worked of course, but I'm still worried about my laptop cooling system. What do you think guys? Should I send this piece for thermal interface check in the service center(I'm not sure if they are good enough in my country, though) or should I stay calm and it's okay in your opinion?