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Sharing My i9 13980HX Undervolt

Level 7

Hey everyone, I got an open box ASUS Strix 18” i9 13980HX / 4080 at Best Buy on a sick deal a few weeks back and I finally got around to undervolting it and I just wanted to share my results for fun:


- Core Voltage Offset -0.150v

- Processor Cache -0.150v

- Effiecient Vore Cache -0.150v

- Processor Graphics -0.045v 

- Processor Graphics Media -0.045v

- System Agent Voltage -0.045v 


I got a run at 34,341, but I’m averaging in the 33,xxx’s the 34,431 was just a lucky one lol. I plan on playing with it some more and trying to go a bit heavier on individual voltages to see what happens. I wanna try and dial in 35k, but at least 34k consistently. I’m just really happy with the results so far and wanted to share! 



Level 12

How did you set the power limits (PL1, PL2, PL4) for all power plans (Quiet, Efficient, Turbo)?

How did you set the IccMax limits for all CPU components?

If you're doing the Cinebench R23 test, then only the normal test (10 minutes) makes sense, not a single-pass test, because only during a longer test will you know the sense of the CPU settings and the weaknesses of the Asus motherboard.

Level 12

ASUS motherboards deliver too little power to power-hungry CPUs like the i9-13980HX and set the IccMax limit too high, causing VR CURRENT throttling.

Hey thanks for your reply appreciate ya!

To answer, PL1, PL2, PL4 haven’t been touched, using turbo mode in its stock configuration for tests.


I have not adjusted IccMax at all. I was not aware of this ASUS IccMax/VR CURRENT issues. 

What would you recommend my set my PL limits to? As well as my IccMax? I can mess with them today see if I can better results! Thank you again! 

Level 12


Level 12

There's a whole story in these two screenshots.

I totally get that running the test for the full 10mins is going to yeild a lower result! I was just doing individual runs to see what would happen from one setting to another. I’m getting low 33k when I run for 10mins. 


Did you have any recommendations for IccMax and PL limits? I haven’t ever messed with these values before 

Level 12

The problem is that ASUS sets the IccMax value too high, at 240 A, while Intel recommends a value of 215 A (maximum) for 13th generation HX series processors. On mine, I set 220 A for all CPU components.

In Turbo mode, ASUS also exceeds the power limits, as it sets PL1 - 170 W and PL2 - 175 W, while Intel's specification for the i9-13980HX clearly sets the maximum at 157 W.

Thank you! I will try adjusting these and see what happens! Appreciate all the info/reponses 

the 13900hx and 13980hx are known to hit 200W so thats about right