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Level 7

Hey folks,,, I am not finding any answers on this particular issue... I have Red Key (no idea what the colours mean) for shadow drive on a ROG Strix SCAR 17 (2022) G733  G733ZX-LL106X ... 
Since day one I could never figure out how much space it had (silly me thought IT had storage capacity) because the size kept changing. I thought maybe some sorta bonus space "somehow" became available with updates or purchases made on account (sigh... ya... silly)
but after a while my c: kept getting the data absolutely consumed for no explainable reason. I couldnt figure out wth was going on and just got fed up and reset system... (backing files up to shadow / Z: ) 
After reinstalling everything and inserting the key, it was empty! I think originally it said 100 gigs available when new but now it says 950 which is more than C: has (supposed to be TB) I had extremely important data on there and wondering if its still hidden somewhere? 
I did NOT reset the key but I did pair to another account.  .... any thoughts? urgent .. Most sincerely SG