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Screen goes blank for a second on bootup GL504GW

Level 7
Hello everyone, this is my first post, so please go easy on me.

Every time I boot up, after I enter my password and when I can see the desktop, the screen goes black for a second or two( And then comes back on like nothing happened). This seems more likely to happen when the power is not connected. I did not find any solutions to this particular problem online. So does anyone here have a solution?

I have another question. Is it okay that my new laptop has a slight lag (Keeping in mind the specifications that should actually make this machine a beast)? I wouldn't call it lag as such but it can surely be faster when maybe starting up the Windows explorer. The lag is present for sure when I try to fullscreen videos on YouTube. It takes almost 2 seconds to go into fullscreen and come out of it.
I am thinking that I should reset Windows. Because I have faced other bugs too on this new laptop. But I am in a dilemma about resetting windows because I have read in other forums that I would lose certain performance customisations from ASUS. I have noticed a ton of services from ASUS that is running on my PC and I am not sure if they are increasing the performance or just being bloatware. So please advice.

Thank You

Level 7
I solved this problem by going to the Intel Graphics Control Panel and changing some of the options under POWER menu. I don't remember what exactly I changed but I am pretty sure that it is the solution to this problem. I got to know this solution because the laptop screen started going black even when I was plugging in the power (Not only when I was removing it, which was initially the case) and when I googled this problem, I found the solution in a video. This is the link All the best!!