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Screen glitching on ROG Strix G15

Level 7

The screen on my Asus ROG Strix g15 is glitching crazy, it only glitches while on charging. From around 10% from the top of the screen to 20%, the screen glitches making weird horizontal lines. and below that, its either very low frame rate, or a discolored screen, or completely black, or very rarely normal.
above the 10% mark, the screen is perfect (

AMD Ryzen 7 something , NVIDIA GTX 1650 : Drivers updated
windows 11 latest build

Troubleshoots I've done:

this problem doesn't seem to occur on a connected screen/monitor

no issue with drivers, updated everything

btw, Weirdest thing is : Sometimes, when the browser window is in maximized, the window glitches, if its in windowed mode, the glitch stops
and sometimes, the glitch stays what so ever (like right now, while I'm writing this post)


Level 8

try disabling the amd free sync in the amd adrenaline software