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Screen flickers Asus rog Strix G17 2023

Level 8

Hi, I have a problem with the panel flickering when I open the laptop. I didn't have a problem with it until today until I installed the latest drivers from nvidia and ati. I always had it set so that when I close the laptop it doesn't go into sleep mode or hibernate or anything so i can listen to music.But now when i open lid up for about sec screan flickers.


Level 8

I have also the same problem.

I have updated all drivers through MyAsus, the Nvidia G-Force Experience and windows updates.

I own an Asus Rog Strix G713pv-ll053w and the screen flickers randomly.

It doesn't happen to often, but it's irritating.

It flickers even when I am not using any programme.

Reducing the screen refresh rate seemed to partially solve the problem.

I got in contact with ASUS Support and their response was to take it for repair (I will be charged if the Laptop isn't faulty).

I believe that they will not acknowledge the problem and  I will end up losing time and money.

I don't know what to do.

I have tried your solution and it seems effective to me until now, thanks for your details explanation.

I the new driver doesn't fit and it was not yet stable. Better down grade to your old driver 

Level 7

Iam still facing the same issue. 
Do you have any solution for it?

You'd better go back to the original driver of it where it is stable and suit to your system units.

Some new updates is not yet stabilize, and it's still in progress for perfection. 

Level 8

I think I have found the solution to our problem, but I haven't vertified it yet.

I managed to identify that the screen flickering occurred when the computer was using the cpu integrated graphics.

I checked the AMD adrenaline software edition that I had installed and it was an older one.

Unfortunately, that edition didn't allow to update it from the app and that's why I hadn't updated it earlier.

I installed manually the latest version 23.9.3 and after that I haven't notice flickering, but I haven't used the computer so much.

Also, the GPU Mode that I am using is the Standard from the Armoury Crate Application.

I haven't quite understood the problem that you are facing tho.

Update the adrenaline software (if it's not in the latest version) and try to pinpoint though different configurations when the screen flickering is occurring.



I have installed latest veriosn too.

I still can't confirm if it does exist or not .

I know it's related to CPU, Even tried to contact amd support just mentioned clean install and normal troubhleshooting 

I hope this will get fixed soon

I believe that the problem is solved.

I haven't noticed any flickering the whole morning.

If I notice again this issue, I will send the laptop for repair.

I don't know what else to try.

If you notice it also, let me know.

Level 9

I have Asus Rog Strix 18 13980, ddr 4800, gtx 4080

I have a problem: if I turn on G Sync for windowed applications, then if I launch some applications from the Windows store, for example My Asus, then I see the screen blinking. This is reminiscent of short-term power cuts to the monitor for a split second