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Screen flickers Asus rog Strix G17 2023

Level 8

Hi, I have a problem with the panel flickering when I open the laptop. I didn't have a problem with it until today until I installed the latest drivers from nvidia and ati. I always had it set so that when I close the laptop it doesn't go into sleep mode or hibernate or anything so i can listen to music.But now when i open lid up for about sec screan flickers.


Level 8

Hello everyone , I can confirm that the issue are on both intel and amd version I had both laptop and they both flicker while using gpu mode only so the amd adrenalin may not be the solution here , I used asus g18 rtx 4080 intel and the asus scar 17 rtx 4090 amd they both flickering while watching youtube on window mode not full screen . 

Level 8

the problem is different here.. The screen flickers were constant and not in any app or any mode for us and only in 144hz mode

Level 7

turn off v-ram from "windows features" option find on google, to stop screen flicker and turn off hardware acceleration in chrome

tried your solution but still screen flickers

Maybe the wire inside your laptop is being pinch in some way I was watching this on youtube about some flickering can be cause when opening and closing the laptop.

I would belive that if the problem still exist after changing the GPU to nividia instead of amd, but once changed to nividia no any flickering happening.

Level 7

My screen just turned black, flickered and then came back to 800x600. I changed it back to recommended. Now screen is black and won't come back even after force shutting it down. The ROG sound doesn't even play when turning it back on. I'm staring at a black screen with no hope.

I know this is a long shot but check out his video it may help 

Level 8

If that's the case I think you need yo stick to the last driver you have before you installed the new one. Since the problem occurs only after you updated it to the new one. 

Level 7

I switched my computer to always use the nvidia GPU and since then the flickering seems to have gone away. Been over a week now and no flickering. Hoping this fixes things until there's an update for the integrated AMD video that solves the root problem.