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Screen flickers Asus rog Strix G17 2023

Level 8

Hi, I have a problem with the panel flickering when I open the laptop. I didn't have a problem with it until today until I installed the latest drivers from nvidia and ati. I always had it set so that when I close the laptop it doesn't go into sleep mode or hibernate or anything so i can listen to music.But now when i open lid up for about sec screan flickers.


I haven't come across  that problem but what I can  suggest you try is open the Nvidia Control Panel.Under Display you have an option called Set Up G-SYNC. There there are three boxes including the last one which is not ticked by default and called : Enable for Windowed and full screen mode. Check it and save and it might solve your problem.

Level 8

Hello guys,

This morning I noticed a lot of flickering on the screen, so my problem isn't fixed

I will take the laptop for repair in a couple of weeks

If you think of another solution, please let me know

I am glad that my solution helped some of you


On my opnion this related to software you don't have fault in your device , 

most of people who have this device complain about the same issue ,

So if you disabled the driver of amd from device manager it will be better and disabled the panel power saving i think setting from aroura i can't remreber the name iam not on the laptop right now

Could you try that before drop it ? 

Well, I deleted the Adrenalin Software and now the graphics run from the GPU.

The screen isn't flickering, but it's not a solution, because I can achieve the same result just by selecting the graphics to use only the GPU.

Also, earlier this morning the laptop restarted by itself.

Should I try to update manually all the drivers, bios etc?

I did the same today and there wasn't any flickering also at all after selecting run on GPU only.

Level 8

Instead of Uninstalling the adrenaline you can either install it with a option called driver only or disable the AMD free sync option in amd adrenaline software


Have you tried this solution and it was effective to you.

yup, because I had did not update my laptop for last 15 days but I changed the setting in the adrenaline software to turn on amd free sync, And the next morning when my laptop was in sleep I saw the flickering lines at the top, I immediately understood it was not a hardware problem and was due to the adrenaline driver was forcing sync but due to reasons it couldn't leading to flickering. Since morning I have turned off free sync and using the laptop with integrated graphics and faced no problem yet!!. I just want someone else to confirm it if they are facing the problem.

I just stumbled across this, I have a Strix G17 2023 (G713PV) and was having the same occasional blink/flicker of the whole display. I *think* this may have solved the problem. Fingers crossed and thank you!

Looks like I spoke too soon. Still having the problem, even with FreeSync disabled. I'm updating the AMD software now.